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More about me

After extensive experience working in international sales, Ulrike Dorgeist soon recognized the importance of not only being able to communicate with her clients, but to also understand and interpret cultural differences. Even though she already had a degree in German Literature and Philosophy from the Heinrich Heine University in Duesseldorf, she decided to attain further credentials. In 2010 she completed her M.A. degree in "Intercultural Communication and Cooperation" at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. In 2011 Ulrike attended an education at Stoeger & Partner and nowadays is a "Certified Intercultural Trainer and Moderator".

Additional qualifications of Ulrike:

  • "Coaching Skills for Intercultural Trainers" - assist international HR, June 2012
  • "TeamCoach" - Coaching Akademie Heidi Reimer, December 2012
  • IRC-Licencee, Intercultural Readiness Check, Amsterdam 2013

The focus of Ulrike's trainings mainly is on Asia / Pacific and Germany.