Awareness Trainings

Like an elephant in a china shop or like a walk on a tightrope

Creating awareness for cultural differences is the first step within the field of intercultural learning. Often I hear people say "they are almost like we are – we will make it". Such statements show that cultural differences are neither perceived nor taken into consideration.

This training focuses on the personal contact between members of different cultures. Based on the self-perception and on the reflected outside perception by others we will work on cultural orientation patterns and strategies on how to handle cultural differences.

Within this training the participants will:

  • Get to know different definitions of culture.
  • Get to know their own cultural characteristics.
  • Get to know the consequences of perceiving via "cultural glasses".
  • Experience the consequences of different values and norms for daily work.
  • Learn about the importance of communication within an intercultural context.
  • Learn how to take a cultural perspective on behaviour
  • Will develop strategies for successful cooperation