Who I am, what I have to offer and what you can expect.

There is much to do and even more to learn as secure acting on global markets, working in multicultural teams and a headstart based on intercultural competence are necessary requirements in order to reach your goals.

I am heading the aim to assist you in order to manage your challenges and am very much looking forward to enable you to act successfully on the international market.

My strength:

  • Academic background within the intercultural field: Intercultural Communication and Cooperation (M.A.).
  • 15 years of working experience within international sales
  • many years of experience in supporting impatriates and expatriates
  • close personal interaction with people from other cultures since many years

Your benefit:

  • Individually tailored trainings – matching your wishes and needs
  • Exciting, interactive trainings focusing on the target audience

With a high degree of sensitivity for your individual challenges we together will work on solving strategies for your daily work.

I am looking forward to meet you in person.

Ulrike Dorgeist

Ulrike Dorgeist

"We all smile in the same language"